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Fiore Chiropractic Centre PA

8101 Southside Boulevard, Suite 5
(At Old Baymeadows Intersection/Across from Florida
State College - Deerwood Campus)

Jacksonville, Florida 32256

                                  Phone: (904) 646-9355 

Dr. Michael L. Fiore, DC, FACO 
Fellow, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
Attention Florida Blue Members

Effective April 1, 2015, American Specialty Health (ASH) will be taking over the dispensing of chiropractic care for Florida Blue.

Sadly, because of the volatile insurance/health care market in which we find ourselves these days—in no small part due to Obamacare—gone are the days when Blue would pay for treatment of minor conditions or for “preventative” care designed to minimize the severity/frequency of flare-ups of chronic conditions.

This means that you will only be covered in the event of a NEW condition or the FLARE-UP/RELAPSE of an OLD one that is serious enough to disrupt your ability to function normally. Treatment in such situations is called “ACUTE CARE.” Furthermore, ASH only allows five visits over a 30-day periodper condition. However, complicated cases, may be approved for additional treatment if ASH’s medical reviewers deem it medically necessary.

Again, Florida Blue will no longer provide chiropractic treatment for general aches and pains or merely feeling “outta whack” or “out of alignment” or to relieve a little soreness, tightness or stiffness “here and there.” Come April 1st, you will only be eligible to use your Florida Blue plan for relatively severe pain episodes that limit your ability to move easily, like when you can’t stand up straight, can’t tie your shoes, can’t look behind you to back up your car, and things of that nature. The good news is we are working on implementing a new cash discount system through ChiroHealthUSA that will allow us to LEGALLY discount our services so as to make our treatments even more affordable for those without insurance coverage.

So, just because your insurance plan is not as “generous” as it once was, doesn’t mean you have to go without the high quality chiropractic care you’ve grown accustomed to at Fiore Chiropractic Centre. More info about ChiroHealthUSA will be coming soon!

Dr. Fiore and Staff

Jacksonville Chiropractor | Attention Florida Blue Members. Dr. Michael Fiore is a Jacksonville Chiropractor.